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Naturopathy is a system of health care which promotes the body’s own self-healing mechanism. It uses natural therapies such as Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.

Herbal Medicine

Modern Herbal Medicine (herbalism, phytotherapy) combines centuries-old knowledge with the latest scientific findings in using medicinal plants.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy focuses on the overall nutriention of a person's diet and lifestyle intervention to ensure optimal well being and sustained health.

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Exciting Scientific Research

Human Microbiome
Human Microbiome

One of the newest fields in medicine, having provided already data on the possible origin of many diseases. A “natural” way of treating or preventing many diseases.

Oxidative damage
Oxidative DNA Damage

The generation of free radicals has been shown to be implicated in damaging many components of cells including lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and DNA, leading to disease.

Nutrition modifies your genes
Nutritional epigenetics

The expression of our genes has been shown to be modified by what we eat. Our genes are responsible for the production of proteins, some of which can be implicated in diseases.

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